Our group members cooperate exclusively with major universities and research centers to develop pioneering state of the art approaches to engineering problems through the participation in national and international research programs funded by research organizations and the industry. Our philosophy calls for effective combination of all three disciplines of engineering: observation, analysis and experiments. In this context, we have been able to confront a plethora of engineering challenges such as: earthquake protection of existing or new buildings and infrastructure, foundations for offshore constructions subjected to harsh environmental loads, early-warning platforms and design of foundations to withstand unexpected loads such as surface fault outcropping.


We are initially motivated by observing and comprehending engineering processes, thus gaining practical experience on the issues under consideration. This is followed by advanced numerical modeling of problems and investigation of their most important parameters. The solution process is corroborated by experimental investigation conducted in cooperation with highly respected international facilities. It is our philosophy that true innovation is only achieved when incorporating state-of-the-art methods and processes developed by pioneering research, while simultaneously research results may only be immediately exploitable when motivated by challenging real-life applications.


Protection of Infrastructure against natural hazards is an international imperative that cannot be addressed unless several resources can be mobilized and several entities are engaged in a continuous exchange of ideas, experience and best practices. We therefore take pride in being the organizers of the biennial International Conference on Natural Hazards and Infrastructure (ICONHIC) which brings together academics, industry experts, technologists, financers, insurers and policy makers in a unique event aiming to boost the application of innovative findings in everyday practice. In this effort, we have been actively supported by major contractors and consulting firms, research bodies, financing institutions and insurance companies.