Special Session – Forensics of liquefaction: Revisiting and learning from past events

06 Jul 2022
15:20 - 16:50
Room MC.2

Special Session – Forensics of liquefaction: Revisiting and learning from past events


Orestis Adamidis
Associate Professor of Engineering Science & Tutorial Fellow, University of Oxford, UK

Dr. Eva Korre
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Institute for Geotechnical Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Session Description

Soil liquefaction, either seismically or statically triggered, is one of the most consequential geo-hazards for critical infrastructure and for the urban environment. The relatively common conditions required for liquefaction triggering have resulted in a plethora of catastrophic events over the past decades, many of which have been well documented by the engineering community. As building and population density globally increase, the risk related to liquefaction is also expected to rise. To anticipate potential damage and effectively fortify our infrastructure, we need reliable tools that can accurately model this complex phenomenon.

In this session, we aim to revisit iconic case histories from past liquefaction events, in an effort to uncover the intricacies related to the phenomenon. Simultaneously, analytical, experimental, and numerical methodologies will be put to the test, by examining their performance versus documented cases. We invite contributions in the areas of:

  • post-liquefaction reconnaissance
  • assessment of analytical, experimental, or numerical methodologies versus case studies
  • physical or numerical modelling investigations to uncover the mechanisms behind iconic liquefaction-related failures

Technical papers from both practitioners and academics are warmly welcomed.

Manuscript Submission : Closed
Contributions to the Special Session should only be submitted online at https://iconhic.com/2021/authors-area/#submissions. When filling the form don’t forget to select the name of the Special Session in the dropdown menu ‘Abstract Topic’.