Special Session – Insurance & engineering towards a more effective risk management

06 Jul 2022
13:20 - 14:50
Room MC.3

Special Session – Insurance & engineering towards a more effective risk management


Dr. Amaryllis Mouyiannou
Lead Property Analytics EMEA, Swiss Re, Switzerland

Dr. Manya Deyanova
Structural Engineer & Earthquake Specialist, Mott MacDonald, Bulgaria


Session Description

Risk assessment and development of risk management strategy are core tasks in the (re)insurance world and at the same time a well-developed field in engineering. We strongly believe that the successful collaboration of both worlds can be beneficial for all stake-holders involved in disaster risk management and therefore the aim of this session is to encourage the open dialogue and boost the exchange of ideas across the sectors.

We are enthusiastic to invite both engineers and risk managers from the (re)insurance industry and we believe that the topics will be of interest also to all other specialists involved in risk-informed decision making. The format of this session will be dual: First, a selection of experts will share their views and their experience from risk-related projects. Then, a moderated panel discussion will follow, where stake-holders with experience in the fields of insurance and engineering, will have a constructive dialogue towards a better understanding of the common ground between the two industries, the objectives and the difficulties they currently face and could potentially overcome in the future.
Some of the topics you could expect in the session are: the importance of reliable and complete data, insurance products and how they benefit from the use of state-of-art approaches, science-driven vs market-driven solutions, the differences between single asset and portfolio assessment, the importance of post-disaster data for reliable CAT models and more.

We are curious to hear your ideas.

Call for abstracts

The session organizers are currently inviting some guest speakers but are also welcoming unsolicited contributions by interested candidates for either presenting some of their work and/or participating in the panel discussion. Please select the Special Session “Insurance and Engineering towards a more effective risk management” when submitting your abstracts. 

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