Special Session – Improving Resilience of Critical Energy Infrastructures

06 Jul 2022
15:20 - 16:50
Room MC.3

Special Session – Improving Resilience of Critical Energy Infrastructures


Dr. Clemente Fuggini
Head of Research and Innovation – Transport and Infrastructure Business Unit, RINA S.p.A, Italy

Dr. Giuseppe Giunta
Technical Authority Manager Development Operations & Technology, Eni S.p.A, Italy

Spyros Karamanos
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece


Session Description

To prepare modern societies for major breakdowns of Critical Energy Infrastructures in Europe, resilience concepts need to be developed, tested and validated to make sure proper planning, preparation, response and recovery is made and achieved in the event critical situations occur.

Critical Energy Infrastructures, such as the gas & power smart grids, represent a relevant and challenging environment to cope with, due to their complexity, difference among transportation lines, the peculiarity of the areas crossed (remote or densely populated), the various energy production and storage facilities.In this context, the resilience assessment and improvement of Critical Energy Infrastructure (i.e. oil & gas pipelines) is a current challenge which needs a multidisciplinary approach, integrated management solutions, advanced models and technologies.

After that, Asset integrity management and operational requirements shall be able to detect and monitor physical threats (e.g. third-party interference, leak, sabotage, failure, landslide, debris flow), to protect the surrounding environment, the safety of personnel and the local communities involved in the regions.The session will deepen these points by focusing on one side on innovative tools and technologies and on the other side on their applicability and reliability in real cases and operative environments.


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