Panel Discussion – Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in Road Concessions: Key Considerations

05 Jul 2022
15:20 - 16:50
Room MC.3.2

Panel Discussion – Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in Road Concessions: Key Considerations


Dimitris Mandalozis
Aegean Motorway, Greece 

Nikolaos Gavrilis
Globalis Insurance Brokers, Greece

Thanos Doganis
Attikes Diadromes, Greece

Kalliopi Anastasiadou
Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST), Germany 

Bill Halkias
International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA), USA 
Session Description

A discussion bringing together three major highway operators with representatives from the insurance industry and knowledge sharing Institutions aiming to shed light on practical aspects of resilience for highway projects operating under concession contracts. Panelists will be sharing experiences from day-to-day operations while highlighting key challenges and benefits of incorporating climate mitigation and resilience in such projects. The panel is intended for a mixed audience with a background in engineering, technology development, finance, insurance, and social sciences. It also aims to highlight the interactions among the various disciplines and underscore the areas and needs for potential collaboration or further research. Panel-audience interaction is highly encouraged and will also be assisted by means of live online polling and q&a apps. Indicative topics to be covered include: 

  • Case studies of sustainable operations and investments in resilience
  • Risk transfer mechanisms: the role of technology and innovation
  • Needs/opportunities for new technologies and methodologies to assess and reduce suck risks
  • How climate adaptation and resilience affects heavy maintenance and how “soft interventions” can make a difference
  • How are Private-Public Partnerships different when it comes to incorporation of climate mitigation and adaptation in operations