A 3-day event : distinguished speakers, stimulating panel discussions, theme and cross-cutting sessions in a lively event promoting mingling of experience and fertilization of ideas.

Conference Themes


Hazard Prediction, Warning and Risk Management
Strengthening Tools & Mitigation Strategies
Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Planning & Uncertainties
Multi-Risk Decision Support Methodologies
Assessment and Prediction of Natural Hazards from Satellite Imagery
Remote sensing for natural disasters: Challenges and Opportunities
Moving Towards Climate-Resilient and adaptive Infrastructure Systems
Integrating Disaster Risk into Life-Cycle Management of Infrastructure Systems
Resilience of infrastructure networks: from perturbation to recovery



Engineering Seismology & Ground Motion Simulation
Assessment, Analysis and Retrofitting of Structures
Aging Infrastructure and future Earthquakes: Concrete, Steel and Masonry Structures
Seismic Design of Foundations and Underground Structures
Soil-Structure Interaction
Ground Failure & Liquefaction: Analysis and effects on Structures and Lifelines
Isolation and Energy Dissipation Devices
Protection of Historical Structures against Seismic Hazards
Landslides Prevention and Mitigation: Design Practice and New Concepts
Instrumentation and Remote Sensing
Offshore Landslides and effects on submarine Structures and Pipelines
Earthquake/Flood induced Landslides: Analysis and Modeling



Flood Risk Management and Risk Reduction Strategies
Flood Forecasting, Modelling and Flood Control
Natural & Engineered Defenses and Vulnerabilities
Urban Drainage Infrastructure and Performance
Dikes, Levees and Dams: studying Failures and proposing Strategic Solutions
Storm Surges, Tsunamis and Sea Level Rise
Strong Winds, Storms, Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones
Impact of Extreme Weather on Critical Infrastructure
Drought impacts on Infrastructure Service Delivery

Technical Sessions

Panel Discussions (PS)
They will comprise short introductory talks by leaders in different fields (e.g. engineering, financing, insurance) followed by a discussion featuring questions from the audience or from our pre-conference forum. Their scope is to accelerate the bridging of the gap between academia, practice and application.
Keynote Lectures (KS)
They will be delivered to all participants together by  internationally renowned experts moderated by a panel consisting of Steering Committee members.
General Sessions (GS)
These sessions will focus on specific research fields. They will be organized and moderated by 2 chairpersons and will be running in parallel sessions. Each GS will include oral presentations of papers submitted to the conference.

Special Sessions (SS)
Special Sessions will include a panel of invited speakers on cross-cutting topics and will be even organized by companies. SS could include presentation of suitable papers submitted to the conference.

5-in-5 oral presentations
During this lively session, authors will be allocated a five minutes slot to underline their research results through a five slides presentation. Presentations will run in parallel in thematic kiosks within the same hall, allowing delegates to seamlessly move from one kiosk to another during the 1-minute break between consecutive presentations.
The unique format of this session will encourage interaction between delegates and authors, and give the participants the opportunity to get a flavor of subjects other than their own specialty.

Physical Poster Boards will bear poster presentations during the coffee and lunch breaks


Confirmed until today

Prof. Michael Constantinou

University at Buffalo, USA

Prof. Eduardo Alonso

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, SPAIN

Dr. Judith Mitrani- Reiser

Nat. Institute of Standard & Technology, USA

Prof. Alexander M. Puzrin


Prof. Misko Cubrinovski

University of Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND


Mini symposia, Workshops, and company-sponsored luncheons will be organized during the conference. They will focus on special topics such as specific technological tools, funding instruments or policies which could serve as valuable assets in or quest towards resilient infrastructure.The final reports produced during the workshops will be published online shortly after the conference.


Special Sessions, organized by field experts, will include theme talks by distinguished Lecturers, round-table discussions and paper presentations on hot topics.