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Welcome to our pre-conference forum. This space is intended to initiate the dialogue before the conference and help formulate the issues that will be discussed during the conference in June 2019. Going a step beyond the main conference state-of-the-art topics, the forum aims to highlight important issues requiring the collaboration of several stakeholders and hence boost the interaction among them.

The topics appearing in this section will be regularly updated to reflect the views received by the forum participants, while the topics themselves will be further populated as we receive new contributions.

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ICONHIC2019 invites the Infrastructure Community and the general public to join our discussion stimulated by several topics appearing on our Pre-Conference Forum section. 

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At ICONHIC2019 we introduce an open dialogue inviting stakeholders to express their views and encouraging conversation well before the event. The issues discussed here will be gathered by our team and will form the core of the panel sessions to be held during the conference. This discussion is moderated by ICONHIC2019 team and each comment will be evaluated as to its complying by ethical rules before being published. Comments only reflect their authors’ views and their acceptance for publication by no means implies adoption by our team of the expressed views.

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