ICONHIC is a multidisciplinary center conducting research with the aim to enhance our infrastructure resilience against natural hazards. We cooperate with universities and research centers in order to provide innovative state-of-the-art solutions of the highest standards and disseminate them appropriately to both specialist and non-specialist audience. Apart from its senior staff, the center attracts outstanding post-graduate and doctoral students as well as junior researchers of diverse backgrounds who participate in competitive research and innovation tasks. Our efforts usually culminate in major dissemination activities supported by a network of highly experienced and deeply respected organizations aiming to broadly distribute knowledge and engage policy makers and the public in our quest towards resilient infrastructure.

Our Mission

Over the past few years the catastrophic impacts of natural disasters have become evident in numerous countries of the developed as well as the developing parts of the world, while more significant occurrences of natural disasters are expected globally. Infrastructure systems are amongst the first being impacted and there is currently no doubt that failure to act soon can have direct impacts on the quality of life as well as economic growth and viability.

In this challenging environment, our ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition process between research achievements and their practical implementation thus facilitating the prevention of failures and enhancing the awareness of most actors involved in ensuring the safety and operability of our built environment.

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ICONHIC2022 sets the stage for engineers, researchers, cat modelers, insurers, policymakers, and NGO-representatives to join forces, exchange ideas and opinions, advance scientific and technical innovations targeted at natural disasters, and ultimately converge their specialty knowledge towards a unified approach to a more sustainable and resilient future. The conference is planned for 5-7 July 2022 in Athens, Greece.

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Despite the ongoing distress and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the increased frequency and intensity of unceasing natural hazards require vigilance and cooperative action. In view of that, and following the request by several of our participants, the ICONHIC Organizing Committee hosted a Small Scale Online Preparatory Event on 22-23 June, paving the way for the core ICONHIC2022 event.

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A diverse audience of 403 contributors from 42 countries gathered for 4 days in the 2nd International Conference of Natural Hazards and Infrastructure to work together, listen to each other and complement each other in a common, vital quest: to find ways to enhance infrastructure resilience against natural hazards. Comprising an ensemble of 284 presentations, 41 keynote and invited talks, 2 panel discussions, an Ingenuity and Innovation Colab and various networking activities, the conference nurtured discussion among engineers, financiers, insurers, policymakers, academics, contractors, consultants and operators.

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ICONHIC2016 brought together experts from 22 countries representing 65 companies and 90 research organizations in a 3-day event including 10 keynote lectures, 12 invited talks and 180 paper presentations

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